The Rules of Creative Engagement: Vol:1

The Rules of Creative Engagement: Vol:1



Where did your view of reality come from? 

The concept of reality is huge, it's an enormous question that I'm not going to try and answer, the purpose of this question is to help us understand, that we will never get to the bottom of reality, therefore, we shouldn't be restricted by other people’s views of it.

The question should be, what do I believe about reality and are those beliefs helping me or hold me back?

·       Can I Question Them?

·       Can I Break Them?

·       Can I Make Them Do My Bidding?

·       What Would Life Be Like Living On The Other Side?

Take a moment and think about that, you're questioning your ideas of reality, think about how you live your life, think about how you want to live your life, think about how far we've come in time and space, achievements that man has made with little technology, and think about what we can do today.



Principles works, so use them to break rules. Define the principle and the standards.

All industries are made up of people, all people have belief, concepts, and ideas that were handed down to them by the culture. How do we challenge that? Understand the principles that work, learn the rules and then Respectfully Fucking Break Them.

The people that came before us had great respect for the people that came before them but that cannot and will not hold us back from creating the future better than our past. Question Your Principles And Your Standards And See If They Are Your Principles And Your Standards, not just hand me downs that you’re holding on to for the wrong reasons.


·       Where Can I Upgrade Them?

·       Where Can I Push, Go Beyond, Be Uncomfortable?

·       Where Can I Stretch?

·       Who Is The Best Person To Learn From?

·       Who Is Good At Constantly Going Beyond Their Comfort Zone?



Turn off the brain- it's a trap. 

It's about intuition, gut feelings, what feels right might not look right at first

We all have an opinion that comes from on our program, our programming comes from our past beliefs and we all know these beliefs can be distorted, generalized and their foundations come from the faulty premise that we picked up from other human beings that pick it up from other human beings.

We have a terrible track record of Breaking The Status Quo, we seek comfort we do not like discomfort. Unfortunately, discomfort is a requirement in creating breakthrough ideas, breakthrough products, and breakthrough services.

Turning off the brain is a way to tap into intuition into the unknown where reality isn't set, where the unknown is filled with undiscovered inventions and creations that will boggle the mind. This resource has potential greater than any human could imagine even if they lived a billion lifetimes they still wouldn’t be close.



Sleep deprivation- 3 days later

Tools tips and tricks- get the Hack it's free!! 

A good way to turn the brain off, is sleep deprivation after two days of not sleeping your brain will get fatigued and switch off then some strange shit will start to happen, you’ll venture into unknown territory, places you haven't been, that have been reserved for the psychedelic explorer.

Without the conscious editing of ideas, choices, thinking, society tradition, without these constraints the mind is free to roam the infinite space that exists Beyond our awareness and it’s in this space where we make a quantum leap.

Sleep deprivation is one of the simplest easiest cheapest hacks you can do on yourself and guess what it's Free.



Never judge your art while you're creating it

This is so big it should be made into a poster and put into every business on planet Earth. When you are creating a project, you are in one mental state the creation state. 

The creation state and the critical analysis state are not the same and they should not be mixed up. Create one-day analyze the next.

I see so many people being over critical of the work while they're doing it. it's a shame because so many hit products have been scrapped because they were looking for instant validation in the culture that we are trying to supersede.

I mean think about it, do we just want to be ordinary? Do you just want to be the same as everybody else? The masses see comfort but they love change when somebody else creates it, just look at the iPhone.

It normally takes 2 to 3 years for an idea to become popular much quicker now due to the Internet, there is a growth curve that earlier adopters are at the forefront of.  

Our job as creators is to anticipate what the culture needs and to add value preferably.


B-Boy ethics- where it all comes from

I always talk about wild style as being a blueprint for me. It has a simple step-by-step process for creating culture. START WITH NOTHING AND BUILD IT INTO SOMETHING. I have used this idea repeatedly to great effect from my first school disco right up to the health food supplement business I now own and run with my partner.

Originality being first to marketing with something new creates a buzz, think about how Hip Hop took over the world in the 80, 90 without the internet!


If you want to create a product that stands the test of time, creates great value and has people coming back for more, be original or as they say be FRESH!

The ideas and concept in the film are business strategies if you ask me.  When you break it down there are lots of parallels.



It normally tracks 11, 12 that's the Hit. Most people stop at 6

When I first started to make music I always worked in batches, Tim Ferriss talks about batching activities in the 4 Hour Work Week.  I've noticed in the creative process 11, 12 or 21, 41 are the magic numbers.

I’d make a run of track say 10, and I’d notice they would incrementally get better.  But then track 11, 12,13 it would jump, take a quantum leap into another world and I’d have to check in with myself.

What happened?  I got out my own way, gone off the grid. I was getting away from the obvious, getting away from all the things that I always do, the tricks, my safety net. My Comfort Zone!!!!!!!

I've always done the things I rely on and I'm emptying the tank with the standard stuff, clearing the mind, then boom, I’d get a fresh download of something brand new from a new place. When you keep pushing and pushing, not judging, something interesting happens to the mind it just gives up the juice because it follows the path of least resistance, and when you just let it flow, it will give you everything it has, and more.

I remember a Disney executive talking about rejecting the first 10 ideas from a director because she knew that, that was the obvious stuff and there's also the story of Pharrell being rejected quite a few times and finally coming up with the track Happy which was a global phenomenon. 

We shouldn’t be satisfied with the first few things that we do. We should push beyond and see what’s out there, we’ll be surprised at what we can achieve once we stop thinking and



Reduction use, less to create more

I love the simplicity of this idea reduction, use this to create more when there is too much choice. Sometimes we have writer's block when trying to choose the right thing, the right sound, the right lyric, the right brushstroke, the right dance moves.

The “Right” thing very rarely comes from the conscious mind. By limiting ourselves by restricting ourselves we can be more creative, we simplify the process, the thinking, we use for ideas.

How many ways can I… X?  It forces us to,  “Think Outside Of The Box”

We Must Go Outside Of Ourselves, Outside Of What We Think Is Possible Into The Unknown, Into The Wild, Into New Territory And Most Of All Into New Thinking.



I live on the horizon

I live on the horizon is an idea. It is the perspective that I view my reality from. What I'm trying to achieve.  To push myself to do things I haven't done before.

 Out in the horizon/wilderness can be a lonely, unforgiving place. if you can get a Hit!  Amazing!

But if you miss, it can be harsh either way, the rewards are worth it

if you think about all the new products that are world leaders today those people had to raise the level somehow.

If you think about all the movements that started in music, dance, theatre, film, design or art, someone had to go first!

So, they had to go it alone, someone had to have that idea and think, fuck it I don't care what anybody else thinks something in me is telling me to do this and I'm going to listen, I'm going to make it happen.


 Make The Competition Irrelevant. 

I Guess All This Leads To One Place Creating Something That Is Outstanding. When we create something that is outstanding, comes from the heart and really fits our audience, then we Make The Competition Irrelevant.

If we enjoy the process and people can feel it and I believe the name of the game is to change the way we see the world, interact with the world. It inspires people to do the same.

Everything In The Universe Is Designed To Change, To Get Better To Evolve And If That's Our Purpose We Should Meet The Challenge Head-On.


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K Thompson (Dj Krust) is an Electronic Music Pioneer, Artist Producer, Creative Speaker, Business owner, Workshop facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, Experimenal Explorer.

 As a Personal and Business development coach his focus is on helping people stretch their minds break old patterns and find new ways to create projects, be that business, solve problems or change negative thinking that keeps people stuck. 

Book a 1-2-1 so you can Shatter old mind states and break old patterns/habits, that are keeping you stuck. Learn a new way to become flexible and resourceful when creating your next project.


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