Enter a Mad Paradise- George Kurts (Digital Download)

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George Kurts Cover 1600.jpg

Enter a Mad Paradise- George Kurts (Digital Download)


Who is George Kurt's? Where does he come from?

Little is known about this reclusive figure accept that he's rumoured to be the founder of an Experimental project that lead to his disappearance ten years,(His work aided the increase in knowledge of crystallization, semiconductors and many new processes for future technological development) the events were shrouded in mystery until 4 years when he was found on a Mexican beach unconscious clutching a suitcase repeating over and over the words “Mad Paradise” it's all a “Mad Paradise”!

Upon questioning, Kurts mentioned an attempt to pass through solid objects with the use of his mind. It's unclear why he said this. However, after further questioning he recalls stumbling upon a bar and coming into contact with a retired a Special Forces operator called “Big Foot” who reveals that he was part of a Secret unit training psychic spies called the Right Eye Of Horus. They had developed a range of skills including levitation remote influencing and the ability to shift between dimensions, what we would call time travel.

After accidentally falling out of a window Kurts underwent a fact-finding mission prompted by a vision where a higher level clear said to be from the future being told him,, "your gentleness is your strength."His new mission immersed him into the world of anomalous and exceptional energies, psychotronics, Kirlian effects, healing, modes of consciousness and psychoenergetics. Abandoning conventional science, he devoted significant efforts to developing theoretical modelling to understand this combined "subtle energy" class of seemingly strange phenomena.

The organisation Kurts worked with expressed their opposing views as Kurts wanted to share the teachings' positive side, of such ability to raise the consciousness of the planet, whereas The organisation was more interested in the "dark side" and its military application.

Kurt's made his escape with a technology that could impregnate high-level frequencies into audio technology resulting in people's awareness been elevated from listening devices such as iPods and I phones. He is said to be currently devoting effort to further the development of reliable technology for the detection and study of "subtle energy" fields in nature and its application in MP3s. But these are unsubstantiated claims. As his where about are still no clear.


The audio recording you are about to hear may contain the results of George Kurt’s work you are now hear-by warned and to proceed will be at your own risk we accept no responsibility for the adverse effect that may or may not be the result of a consciousness expansion due to listening to this audio performance. Enjoy 

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